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Planta kudzu poate creşte 7 picioare (peste 2 metri) pe săptămână? Descoperiţi mai multe despre uluitoarea plantă kudzu.

Kudzu's Blogspace

I have separated my blog into separate blogs so you can pick and choose which topics you are interested in.


Kudzu's Tech Blog - .NET, software development, and technology related items.

Non Technical

Warning! The following blogs are non-technical and contain opinions. In this world of political correctness this can be a dangerous thing. Get over it! I abhor any hint of racism, nationalism, or discrimination, and you will not find any of it here. I have seen way too much of that in my life. However these blogs absolutely do contain a human touch, humor, real world observations, and more.

Kudzu's Bullhorn - Everything goes in here, so be warned. Politics, religion, opinion, its all game.

The Journeys of Kudzu - During my travels I often experience interesting things, encounter weird signs, and see other oddities. Join in the fun in my Journeys blog.

Thoughts and Tips of a Professional Perpetual Traveler - A blog of travel tips and advice from an "air warrior". When I worked for Microsoft I traveled on average to two to three countries each week and spends nearly as much time on planes as a pilot. Now I spend less time traveling, but I still am on the go quite a bit with more countries visited in a month than most people visit in a decade.