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Brain on a plane - Boeing's Dreamliner


I am an efficiency nut. Everywhere I go I am always anaylzying ways to make things work better. And planes are no exception. Small changes would make our flying expreriences a lot better. The 777 is a lot more comfortable than previous models but with the Boeing Dreamliner, the guys are really thinking outside of the box.

The first thing that amazed me about the Boeing Dreamliner is that Boeing set up customer focus groups and invited many members of the public via the Internet to take surveys, provide input, and more. This was not some closed focus group but was open to a very wide audience. I have been receiving periodic e-mail updates and participating in such input. While my individual opinion will not make much of a difference, collectively Boeing is listening to our results. This is open to you too, simply go to www.newairplane.com and click "Join the World Design Team".

There are lots of "passenger friendly" things in the 787. More natural lighting, better air distribution, and larger windows. A cool feature of the new windows is you push a button to "close" them. The instantly darken. It appears that they may be using LCD film, or a technology which squeezes a liquid between two panes of glass.

If you are not familiar with the 787, check it out at www.newairplane.com. I hope that many of the improvements on this plane will make it into future Boeing and Airbus planes.


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