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Do not disturb!


When staying in hotels the best way to protect your valuables is to take them with you, or put them in a safe. But many hotels do not have in room safes, and other items may not fit. As far as taking it with you, that can be very inconvenient to carry around laptops and such, and in some places its more dangerous to carry it than to leave it.

So if you cannot fit it all in the safe, or a safe is not available here is a good trick. When you are outside the room hang the "Do not disturb" sign on your door. This will keep the housekeepers out of your room while you are gone. To have your room made up simply hang the "Please make up my room" sign on your door when you are in your room, or call the front desk and request it.

Many travellers feel safe in business hotels, but its very easy for housekeeping to take smaller items that you will never notice until days later. Never ever leave money, small jewelry or other easy to grab items in plain site. Even with the above trick you should hide such items in your suitcase as housekeeping sometimes will ignore the do not disturb signs if they determine you are not in your room. A good place to hide such items is in your suit case beneath dirty laundry.

Housekeeping staff are paid very little, and in many countries stealing something small can be equivalent to a weeks wage or more. Housekeeping staff also often are outsourced to cleaning companies and the employee turn over is high. While most are honest and will not steal items from you, it happens much more often than you would think. Leaving items in plain sight makes it both tempting, and easy.


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