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Microsoft SteadyState now DOA too


Hello Microsoft, this is just getting annoying. Microsoft SteadyState is not Windows 7 compatible, and there are not plans for it to be, nor is there a replacement. Sort of....

It was bad enough when Microsoft killed of MOA on very short notice. But why SteadyState? It has a LOT of users, and it is preventing a large user base from upgrading to Windows 7. I just sold a whole Internet Cafe on Windows 7, only to find out that we now have to backport them to Windows XP. And Windows XP is in very short supply these days for legal copies.

Some users have made most of it work using compatibilty mode. But why could not Microsoft invest just a little time to make SteadyState work with Windows 7? Windows 7 is much closer to Vista than Vista was to XP, and SteadyState runs fine on Vista.

Betas of Windows 7 had a feature called Guest Mode which was supposed to provide similar functionality. But it was removed from Windows 7 before shipping. And now they say that Guest Mode or something similar will be available in a future service pack.

Bad way to play this out Microsoft...

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