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MOA 2009 SP3 is out


In the usual weird way of releasing service packs for MOA, SP3 is out.

Even though Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 has been killed off, a service pack 3 was released today. However its only on Windows Update, and no standalone version is available yet. SP1 is on MSDN, but not SP2. SP2 is only available on the public Microsoft site. SP2 is in Windows Update, but only for some computers, and for some reason almost never for XP. SP2 I've needed to download manually always for XP, and sometimes for Vista. Will SP3 be any better?

At least on Windows 7, SP3 is showing up today as KB2006634.

Update #1

It is possible to install MOA without installing Microsoft Office. If you do so, MOA works just fine. However MOA updates in Windows Updates will be missed. This can be fixed by installing Microsoft Office 2007. I am not sure if installing other versions of Office will fix the problem as well.

Update #2

MOA SP3 is available for separate download now from here.

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