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I found my new notebook!


After many months of searching I have finally found my next laptop, but its a tablet.

I long ago decided I wanted a tablet. But now that I have a portable desktop, my laptop does not have to be as powerful as before. I always opted for portability, but now I want to focus on really portable and convenient. I looked at the Origami / UMPC, but they have failed to meet my needs in the current models, and are too expensive for what they offer. They are also a bit too small.

What did I find?

The Motion Computing LS800.

Other Contenders

I spent several months researching many notebooks. The UMPC's were too small, and all the others were too big. Size was a major factor in choosing the LS800. Other contenders were:

Motion Computing LE1700

Lenovo X60

Tablet Kiosk Sahara 440

Panasonic T5

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