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Retain what?


We are all used to crazy notiices about thinks like "Do not use while showering" on instructions for hair dryers. But look at this one on a toy.

This is from a small toy I bought for my son the other day. It is a small plastic pipe that you swing around and it makes a whistling noise. I had one when I was a child and thought he might enjoy it. He did very much enjoy it, although the neighbors did not. It had a little cardboard tag attached to it for the price and UPC code. While I do not remember what mine came with when I was 8 or so, I doubt it had the text that this one has.

Front and back

Zoomed Text

Please retain this information? What information? And for what? Maybe 20 years from now it will have a warning like mattresses do in America, "Do not remove this tag under penalty of law."

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