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Am I serious?


Anyone who has ever had to apply for a visa from an Embassy knows how bad staff can be. They are often rude, and uncaring. These traits are often only exceeded by their total incompetence.

Last week I traveled to Athens to apply for a visa to a country that I already have two previous visas. My trips are always backed by Microsoft and it is amazing that even with several calls from Microsoft directly to the Embassy how much trouble just applying and obtaining the visa is. I will not bore you with all the details, but here is one example.

This time they told me the photograph I gave them was not "serious enough". The photograph I submitted is a standard photograph that I had dozens of prints made. This photograph was used on my last passport, as well as visas to several countries. In fact for the country I was applying this time it was the exact same photograph used in the previous two visas. But bored people in Embassies do not have anything else to do, so they use their power to annoy "customers". So I had to obtain new photos and delay my application by a day, nearly missing my return flight.

I got my visa, but not without them also goofing up some details on the visa itself that I now have to try to resolve. :( So you tell me. Is this new photo serious enough?

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