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The power of marketing


I've stayed in a lot of temporary housing. In fact when we first moved to Cyprus we ended up living for over 6 weeks in the most roach infested place I have ever seen. This is quite an amazing feat considering that I once worked for a pest control company. My most recent adventure in temporary housing is not in that league and is not all that bad, but it has some interesting wiring - let me show you how they've wired this place in Istanbul.

The Marketing

First, I cannot lay blame to the person who booked us here. They are in California and only had access to the website and phone. In fact before you read on, please take a look at the website for this place. In fact after visiting their website my reaction was "Hey! I lucked out because the normal place is full. This new place is posh!". This place however is very good at marketing. While not a dump, its certainly not what their website bills it to be. After visiting the website, read on and see the pictures I have posted. How well does it live up to the website billing?


The building is several hundred years old and quite historical. The floors appear to be several hundred years old and are of an amazing wood and grain you do not see often anymore. But during renovation, one cannot help but think that still they could have done a better job with wiring.

This is my favorite, some kind of 4 pointed wiring star involving a power strip dangling above the kitchen sink. It cannot be moved - the plugs plugged into it are at their maximum limits. Don't splash while washing dishes!

This is the fuse box. That thing in the top is some kind of candy bar wrapper. I thought some previous tenant just stuffed it there, but I tried to pull it out and decided its best left there. Its in there very tight and seems to perform some official purpose which I have not determined yet.

The electrician seem to have some affair with track wiring, but was not very good at jointing or routing. Here you can see another 4 point system with wires running across the corner.

An upclose shot of the lead kitchen "trunk".

Just for good measure, the view from the balcony.


I am not a big television junkie, but its nice to have something to watch especially when in temporary housing. Usuallly at least CNN, or BBC is available. The mixture offered here is what I would consider very unique. I have been to plenty of countries where there are no English channels, and other places where only half a dozen local channels are available. Now mind you I am not complaining - just pointing out the extreme oddity of the situation. The flat has sat TV receivers in each flat - but the programming consists of about 50 Turkish channels, 2 Russian channels, and 2 English channels. But the two English channels are GOD and GOD2. 24 hours of preaching - and this in a country that majoritiy Muslim and consists of less than 5% Christian. Who thought up this mix?


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