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«Программирование - искусство, воюющее со своими творцами»

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I've been falsely put in a Bulgarian prison!


Did you know?

The kudzu plant can grow 7 feet (over 2 meters) per week? Find out more about the amazing kudzu plant.

Who is Kudzu?

Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. "Kudzu"
«Программирование - искусство, воюющее со своими творцами»

Formerly a Developer Envangelist for Microsoft MEA (Middle East and Africa) and now a Microsoft MVP, Chad is a professional speaker at popular developer conferences worldwide. Chad was once introduced as having "mastered more languages than a United Nations translator."

Chad is the author of the book Indy in Depth and has contributed to several other books and magazines on network communications and general programming.

Chad travels extensively year round and has lived in Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Texas, and Tennessee. In total Chad has visited more than more than 60 countries.


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Why the Kudzu nickname?

This nickname was given to me by coworkers. Any spot, cubicle, or desk you give me, will not confine me for long. I will soon grow my workspace beyond this area. You can toss stuff back in, but it will soon spread again..... What is kudzu you say?

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